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Deer Antler Plus Pills: Does It Really Work?

As we all know, an honest review gives us the confidence to buy a particular product to try. And this is what we’re going to do with Deer Antler Plus Pills – let’s see if it really works.

Deer Antler Plus Pills Health Benefits

According to its site, Deer Antler Plus is the “last supplement you’ll ever need” to support muscular strength and endurance, for faster muscle recovery after an intense training, for muscle mass maintenance, to have a healthy immune system, and to support joint health. Well, Deer Antler Plus live up to their words and won’t give you disappointments.

A Deer Antler Plus Pill contains about 40 vitamins and amino acids, with main ingredients Elk Velvet Antler and Nettle Root, which is known for its various medicinal uses. With these ingredients, Deer Antler Plus became very well-known for its numerous health benefits that a lot of people are looking for. It also became very popular among athletes and bodybuilders as it produces same results as steroid does, but without the harmful side-effects associated with it. Since it contains 100% all natural ingredients, it’s safe for everyone to try it.

In fact, Chinese doctors prescribe Deer Antler Plus to treat penile erection abnormality and watery semen problems among men. It also increases sexual desire, strength and stamina not just of men but also of women. And for women experiencing menstrual problems, Deer Antler Plus has been proven to be safe and effective as well.

Deer Antler Plus Effects

A lot of people of various ages are raving over Deer Antler Plus. Majority of these people said that the effects are remarkable and you will actually be surprised by the results. Some people even provided their testimonial to give us the truth about Deer Antler Plus.

“The desire to do and the desire to complete with satisfactory performance can be achieved with Deer Antler Plus.”

Eric, Newark

“My lady was looking more out of me, which I was not able to give her for a long time. This way, our relationship started getting bad and almost worst. One day, I found Antler Plus and in a few weeks, I have my original energy. Now, we enjoy it to the max level. My lady is very glad with this.”

Joseph Tay, Kansas

“So many well known people take Deer Antler Pills – it’s the new thing and can’t be banned by any sports league because it is undetectable. I’ve used it for 4 months and the biggest difference is the stamina I have either in the gym or the bedroom. I think a lot of people will be using Deer Antler Extract for some time to come for its effects.”

Jackson Jonas, Chicago, Illinois

“Off the world energy…had power pack performance with my partner. This is number one.”

Dave, Madison

The above testimonials are just a few of a lot of testimonials made by people who are greatly satisfied with Deer Antler Plus. You, too, can give it a try; and chances are, you’ll also be satisfied.

*Deer Antler Plus comes in tablet form (60) to be taken twice a day.


AntlerX IGF-1 Enhancer: Popular Health Supplement for Bodybuilders

AntlerX claims to be the safest and the most effective way to improve your athletic performance and maximize your training. It contains 100 milligrams per serving of IGF-1 boosting antler velvet and 150 milligrams of a testosterone boosting complex of amino acid growth facts and Tribulus Terrestris (believed to help athletes with their performance) – and this claim has been proven to be true.

Provides Great Benefits!

A lot of people have been wanting to have lean muscles, high energy level, enhanced endurance level, great performance, and of course, reduced fat. Well, AntlerX Spray, a deer antler velvet extract, sets a new standard for natural IGF-1 performance enhancer with a micro delivery system blend to provide not just maximum bodybuilding benefits, but other great health benefits as well without the risk of serious side-effects.

AntlerX Becoming More and More Popular

From amateur athletes to professional bodybuilders, AntlerX has been getting a lot of attention due to its maximum effects on faster recovery from muscle injuries and also increases the person’s cardiac output for maximum performance – all of these can be felt in a very short period of time.

With IGF-1 found in AntlerX, it is considered by many individuals to be very effective not just as performance enhancer, but as an all-in-one solution, too, because it greatly helps in restoring energy levels, and reverses the signs of ageing. It’s also guaranteed to be non-toxic, so there are no reported adverse side-effects and is safe for long-term use.

AntlerX IGF-1 Enhancer is proven to be 100% safe and effective. It’s available online with a 90-day risk free money back guarantee or over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

Product Testimonials

No wonder AntlerX has been the number one choice of many customers. The following testimonials from people who already bought and tried this great health supplement only prove how effective this product is.

“I feel very lucky for having found AntlerX when I decided getting in shape again; I had prepared a muscle training routine when I found information pertinent to this product and how effective it is to enhance muscle development. I decided to give it a try, and I could not get better results! In just a few months of taking AntlerX I have lost ten percent of body fat and my muscle mass has been increased! I really recommend this wonderful product to anyone that wants to increase effectively muscle mass without being affected by side effects.”

Stewart, San Diego

“Half of guys on the gym want to have my physic and they are asking me about the key product that has given me such an outstanding muscle mass. I feel proud of what I have achieved, my strength has been incremented. The guys on the gym are always asking me about my diet and my routine, since I look and feel much better than ever. And all I can tell is that AntlerX has made the trick after just a couple of months taking it my muscle mass increased, although my training program is very tough, I do not get tired as I used to before taking AntlerX. This product has really changed my life!”

Daniel, California



New Zealand Velvet Deer Antler

Deer velvet antler is known for so many years to be one of the most effective treatments for various illnesses besides providing other health benefits. Many people use it as a dietary supplement, but a lot would also claim its efficacy as a strength and growth enhancer.

Due to its unique properties and efficacy, deer velvet antler become very popular around the world. And because New Zealand is one country that is known to supply the largest percentage of best quality deer antler velvet, most products that came from New Zealand are being patronized and even endorsed by so many individuals. These products come in different forms: in capsule, spray, or powder. 

New Zealand Deer Velvet Capsules

Each capsule of deer velvet antler contains natural ingredients and minerals, making it a good source of IGF-1 which is a growth hormone that also prevents cell from damage or death. This is the reason why it's extremely popular especially among athletes and body builders as it gives more stamina and endurance which are necessary for their intensive training. 

Recommended dosage of most brands is preferably 1-2 capsules during meal time.

New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet Extract

Deer antler velvet liquid extract has gone through an extracting process to extract all of the ingredients that concentrates it to provide maximum potency and efficiency. This form is a lot more powerful as 56,000 mg of velvet antler are concentrated to form a 2 oz liquid extract. Due to the production of neurotransmitters, these product is known to boost motivation and drive, as well as focus during training or performance.

For an average person, 2 oz of bottle could last up to 4 weeks with recommended dosage of 1 dropper per day. However, a person can take less or more than the recommended dose depending on which will work best. 

New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet Spray

Deer velvet antler spray is supposed to be sprayed beneath the tongue. This is to provide velvet antler's natural ingredients directly to the most absorbent part of the tongue. Compared to traditional capsule, velvet antler spray has proven to give up to 10 times more absorption as it's directly taken into the blood stream. Deer antler velvet spray is your a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals that greatly helps in health, wellness, and vitality. 

The usual recommended use is 5 sprays beneath the tongue every morning or before your regular walk or jogging, and another 5 sprays before bed time.

New Zealand Velvet Deer Antler Powder

With the combination of important ingredients such as collagen, glucosamine chondroitin, and more, deer velvet antler in powder form provides nutritional support in maintaining healthy joints and in strengthening cartilage and connective tissues.

Recommended daily usage is 1 g or powder per day. 

There are also some deer antler velvet in other forms such as teas, pills, injections, etc. Choose a product which will perfectly suit your nutritional or health needs. It's also recommended to read the product label very carefully and to not take any product without your doctor's advice during pregnant or when breastfeeding to avoid possible side-effects.