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The Aging Process

If you attend a reunion 30 years after you graduated from high school, you might have noticed that some of your classmates or friends look almost the same the last time you've seen them, while some have aged almost beyond recognition. And you might have asked, why is that?

The Aging Process

All people age. No matter how rich you are or how good looking you are, you will eventually age. But why is it that some people your age looks younger than you, or probably looks older than you are? 

People age at different rates, depending on your genes, your environment, and how you take care of your body. While you can't do much about your genes, there are factors that greatly influence your aging process. These factors are:

  • Environmental factors such as pollution, cigarette smoke, harsh weather, stress, and radiation causes premature aging and speeds up wrinkling of the skin because you're exposed to free radicals, which damages the lipids and proteins of your skin.
  • Your chosen lifestyle is another factor affecting your aging process. Alcohol, unhealthy (fatty) food, lack of sleep, improper skin care, and negative feelings (sadness, anger, etc) that causes you to frown all day will just lead to premature aging resulting to more wrinkles and dark spots on your skin.

Signs of Aging

Skin aging is caused by deterioration of structures in the skin and the slowing of healthy skin functions. Some of the most visible signs of aging includes:

  • Dry skin 
  • Age spots or dark spots
  • Dull and rough complexion
  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles 
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loss of firmness of the skin

Preventing Premature Skin Aging

Most premature aging is caused by radiation, so it's best to use a moisturizer with sunscreen during daytime. You may also want to exercise more often to prevent saggy arms and legs, and take all-natural anti-aging product to help you slow down your aging process. Smiling a little bit more often brings great feelings, too, keeping you looking good and extending your life by many years because you would be able to avoid diseases such as diabeteshigh blood pressure and heart attack and stroke.

You Cannot Stop the Aging Process, But You Can Slow it Down

Aging cannot be stopped, but it's possible that you can at least slow down the process. Maintaining a healthy, youthful-looking you starts within yourself; changing your diet, regular exercising, learning how to manage your stress can dramatically impact the way you age and keeps you younger-looking for longer.

Lose Weight the Natural Way with Deer Antler Velvet

The weight of your body is determined by the amount of food that you take and the amount of energy that you spend in your daily activities. You need food to convert into energy that would then help your lungs to fill air, your heart to pump, and all the other organs to perform properly. 

Food contains calories; it's just that the amount of calories in fruits and vegetables are lower compared to the amount of calories in e.g. junk food and fast food. If say for example your body needs 2000 calories of energy, this means that your body needs to burn that amount of calories everyday to provide it with enough energy, regardless of what activity you do. If you take more amount of calories than your body requires, the extra amount of calories turns into fats (unless you do some activities that would burn the extra calories). Taking large amount of calories more than what your body requires (without doing other activities to burn those calories) leads to overweight or obesity.

Losing weight is somewhat difficult for most individuals. This is due to many different factors such as some health-related problems and aging. Because our metabolism slows as well as our energy level decreases as we age, it makes losing weight a lot more difficult even with healthy eating and regular exercising. For this reason, a lot of people are searching for products that would greatly help in losing weight. However, most diet pills contain ingredients that often cause side effects unlike natural weight loss products such as deer antler velvet.  

Deer antler velvet helps improve your insulin receptor sensitivity. It acts like an insulin, making your cell receptors become suppressed that causes your growth hormone to release any stored fat. With this process, fat becomes the "fuel" for energy to your body, instead of sugar. This also improves the condition of many people with high level of blood sugar or those with diabetes. And because velvet antler has the power to increase your strength, vitality, and endurance, like in most athletes, it pushes yourself a little bit harder and further when it comes to exercising, thus, allowing you to lose weight much faster.

Losing weight is achievable no matter how old or how young you are. With determination and the right supplement, you can achieve your weight loss goal and become your better self again.